A boat trip in Mallorca is one of the best ways to get to know the island: enjoy the sea and the tranquillity, visit coves that are otherwise inaccessible, and have an amazing time with your friends, family, or partner. Setting aside a day of your trip to take a boat tour around this magical island is highly recommended.

In this article, we’ll share all about boat trips in Mallorca: the available options, the sights you’ll see on your maritime journey, and where to book this fantastic experience, which is a favourite among travellers visiting the Balearic Islands. Keep reading and start planning your boat trip to Mallorca today.

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Landscapes and wildlife you can observe

One of the highlights of a boat trip in Mallorca is the unique perspective it offers of the island’s stunning landscapes. Being out at sea and viewing the coves, beaches, cliffs, and mountains is a spectacular experience that can only be experienced this way. Mallorca is a beautiful island, and the photos you’ll be able to take from a boat will undoubtedly be very special. You can see Palma from its bay, Port de Sóller, Cala Tuent, Sa Calobra, Sa Costera, Cala Deià, and Sa Foradada, among many other tourist attractions on the island.

When it comes to wildlife, a boat trip in Mallorca offers the incredible and unforgettable experience of spotting dolphins and turtles. You can also observe numerous seabirds, such as redstarts, black vultures, Eleonora’s falcons, Balearic shearwaters, squids, and blue rock thrushes, to name a few. If you want to get to know Mallorca’s nature, this activity is perfect.

Types of boat trips in Mallorca

The options are many and cater to all tastes and budgets, as boat trips in Mallorca are one of the most popular activities for tourists. To make your choice a bit easier, we will talk a little about each of the available excursions. We won’t mention them all, as that would make the article too long, but we will cover the most interesting ones:

Cruise along the Bahía de Palma

Escape the hustle and bustle of Palma for a moment on a catamaran where you can sunbathe on the deck, discover hidden coves, and observe Mallorca’s marine wildlife. This plan can include food, drinks, and opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in complete privacy.

Rent a boat in Mallorca

If you prefer to rent a private boat, without a skipper, to explore the island as you wish, you can do that too. Several boats can be piloted without a licence, making it a fantastic way to discover Mallorca independently and in complete privacy.

Sailboat excursions along the coast of Mallorca

Taking a sailing excursion around Mallorca is a luxury. You can visit fantastic, inaccessible beaches, sunbathe have a drink with your loved ones, and enjoy activities like diving, snorkelling, paddle surfing, or swimming, all privately and exclusively.

Combined boat and vintage train tour

This is a fantastic way to combine two trips: one by boat along the west coast of Mallorca, where you can enjoy a special view of Port de Sóller; and another on the classic train that connects this town with Sóller, another of the island’s points of interest that is well worth a visit.

Luxury catamaran cruise with drinks included

One of the most spectacular options is to book a catamaran cruise along the coast of Mallorca, especially if it includes welcome tapas and drinks! Usually reserved for groups of several people, it allows you to swim in crystal-clear waters, enjoy a fun time with a drink or a coffee, and take in the stunning Balearic scenery.

Sunset boat trip in Mallorca

Watching the sunset in Mallorca is something you must not miss during your trip. And if you see it from a boat, we guarantee you’ll never forget it. Enjoy a relaxed moment, take a dip near a virgin cove, have a bite to eat, and sip a drink while gazing at the Mediterranean sunset. We believe there’s no better plan than this.

Where to reserve your boat excursion in Mallorca

There are many online activity providers where you can book your boat trip in Mallorca, and a quick internet search will reveal several options. Choose the one you like best and book in advance to ensure your trip goes as planned. If you prefer to arrange an excursion once you’re on the island, you can do that as well. Some of the departure points include Port de Sóller, Port d’Alcudia, Port de Pollença, Colonia de Sant Jordi, and Palma.

Reserve your boat excursion in Mallorca!

Hurry, as this is one of those fantastic outings that get booked up quickly, especially during peak season! Taking a boat trip in Mallorca is something you will never forget and will allow you to enjoy the island differently: more relaxed, more fun, and with your loved ones. We know you’ll want to enjoy the beaches, bars, restaurants, mountains, and culture that this island offers, but setting aside a day for a boat trip in Mallorca is something we highly recommend.

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