The Mallorca Live Festival 2024 is back at the Old Aquapark in Calviá, on June 13, 14, and 15. This is the seventh edition of a strong festival that is only gaining momentum, that attracts many people from around the world. It can be said that it is the most relevant music festival on the island and one of the largest in the country. The artists at the Mallorca Live Festival 2024 are nationally and internationally renowned musicians, featuring a variety of styles such as indie, pop, rock, hip hop, and electronic.

Don’t miss all the necessary information to organize your trip to Mallorca and enjoy the Mallorca Live Festival 2024.

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The Lineup for Mallorca Live Festival 2024

Do you want to know the lineup for the Mallorca Live Festival 2024? Here it is!

June 13

  • Blondie
  • Love of Lesbian
  • Rels B
  • Dani Fernández
  • La Élite
  • No te va gustar
  • Sprints
  • Habla de mí en presente
  • Júlia Colom
  • María Hein
  • Rocío Saiz
  • B1n0
  • Las Odio
  • Vangoura
  • Cabrón
  • Ultraviolet

June 14

  • Underworld
  • Michael Kiwanuka
  • Lori Meyers
  • Jeff Rosenstock
  • Shame
  • The K’s
  • Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba
  • Eris Drew B2B Octo Octa
  • María José Llergo
  • Niña Polaca
  • Pepe y Vizio
  • Bum Motion Club
  • Johnny Garso
  • Sandré
  • El Cairo
  • El Patillas DJ
  • Guille Wheel and the Waves
  • The Ripples

June 15

  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Aitana
  • Arde Bogotá
  • The Blaze
  • Belle and Sebastian
  • Juno
  • Sleaford Mods
  • Rodrigo Cuevas
  • Paula Cendejas
  • Margarita Quebrada
  • Niños Luchando
  • Serial Killerz
  • Gia Fu
  • Sila Lua
  • Sonido Gallo Negro
  • Virginia Diaz DJ
  • Enamorados
  • Caspary
  • Danio
  • Negre

As you can see, this is an impressive lineup for the Mallorca Live Festival 2024, filled with great artists. The secondary stages will also be packed with many other artists from various genres, ensuring the party never stops.

Mallorca Live Nights

The festival is not limited to the venue… The Mallorca Live Festival also supports local Mallorcan artists and live music, with events in various venues across the island, ensuring that culture continues to grow and strengthen. It’s a great opportunity to see some of the best artists if you’re not in Mallorca during the festival dates.

Food trucks at the Mallorca Live Festival

To replenish your energy inside the venue, there’s nothing better than eating at one of the many food trucks at the World Food Market. There are vegetarian and vegan options, local and international dishes, and plenty of variety, and quality, so you can keep dancing non-stop throughout the festival.

How to get to the venue?

The venue for the Mallorca Live Festival is located at the Old Aquapark in Calvià, but it’s important to note that you cannot get here by car. This is done on purpose to avoid road congestion and increase the sustainability of the festival. There are shuttles that will take you to the venue directly from various points on the island: a quick, safe, and more environmentally friendly way to get to the festival.

Tickets to the Mallorca Live Festival 2024

You have the option to purchase a single-day ticket, priced at €69.30 for June 13th and 14th, and €75.90 for June 15th, or buy a pass for two out of the three days of the festival, or purchase the full three-day pass. The two-day pass costs €108.90, while the three-day pass costs €137.50. Children under 5 years old enter for free, and those aged between 6 and 11 years old pay a reduced rate.


The best activities to do in Mallora during the day

You won’t run out of plans and activities to do in Mallorca, here are some suggestions that you’re sure to love:

  • Explore some of the world’s best beaches: It’s no secret that the Mediterranean in general and the Balearic Islands, in particular, have some of the best beaches and coves in the world. While accessing the coves may be a bit more challenging and require an early start, there are plenty of spacious beaches where you can arrive later and relax without any problems.
  • Visit the Caves of Drach: In these incredible caves, you can descend up to 25 meters underground and walk almost 1,200 meters in a surreal setting filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The visit includes a short boat ride and a mini-concert of classical music in an underground lake!
  • Take a stroll through Palma de Mallorca: The capital is a very pleasant city for walking, with its old town, monuments, and a wide variety of shops and services.
  • Go diving or snorkelling: The biodiversity you can find in a brief dive is absolutely fantastic, even if you prefer just snorkelling.

Visit a water park or adventure park: Mallorca has many water parks and adventure parks with incredible attractions. A fun plan to spend the day before the festival.

A great holiday at the Mallorca Live Festival 2024

Come and enjoy Mallorca during this amazing festival. It’s a fantastic plan for your group of friends or for a romantic getaway: beach, great gastronomy, wonderful weather, and one of the best festivals in Europe to enjoy at night. If you need help finding a place to stay, you can find accommodation at Your House Mallorca, with options for all types of travellers and budgets. Don’t miss the opportunity to see great artists at the Mallorca Live Festival 2024 and to spend a fantastic few days on this paradise island.