Do you dare to take part in the Ironman Alcúdia Mallorca 2024? This is a fantastic opportunity to experience an extreme adventure that will test your limits, and considering it’s in Mallorca, you’ll have the perfect place to rest! Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Mallorca Ironman and how you can make the most of your stay in Alcúdia. Don’t miss out.

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What is Ironman and an Ironman 70.3?

An Ironman is a triathlon, that consists of a combination of swimming, cycling, and running at extreme distances: 3.86 kilometres of open-water swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling, and 42.2 kilometres of running. There’s a time limit of 17 hours to complete the 3 disciplines. Undertaking an Ironman requires amazing physical and mental capacity, something that usually takes years of preparation.

Regarding the Ironman Alcúdia Mallorca, we’re talking about an Ironman 70.3, which is essentially a half Ironman. These events require slightly less intense preparation but are still highly challenging. The WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) is the organisation responsible for managing the Ironman term and ensuring that the criteria are met.

prueba de natación Ironman de Alcúdia en Mallorca

3.8 Km of Swimming

prueba de ciclismo Ironman de Alcúdia en Mallorca

180 Km of Cycling

prueba de running Ironman de Alcúdia en Mallorca

42.2 Km of Running

The Ironman Triathlon in Alcúdia Mallorca

The Ironman 70.3 Alcúdia-Mallorca attracts thousands of international participants to the beautiful island of Mallorca. The most recent edition saw significant participation with 3,200 registrations and nearly 450 tri-clubs, boasting an impressive 86% of entrants from 71 different nationalities, highlighting its growing popularity and international recognition. The United Kingdom led the representation with 31%, followed by Germany, France, Switzerland, and the United States. This event is considered an ideal destination for a “five-star Ironman.”

Female participation has been particularly noteworthy this year, with the Artemis Women Project, aimed at inspiring and empowering women in sports.

The recent editions of the Ironman 70.3 Alcúdia-Mallorca have offered qualifying spots for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, with special categories and prizes for the top finishers in each group.

Details About Ironman Alcúdia: Date, Location and Distances

Here are all the details about the Ironman 70.3 Alcúdia-Mallorca. This will help ensure that you don’t miss out on anything about this spectacular event and can easily plan your trip.

Date for Ironman Alcúdia 2024

The Ironman Alcúdia 2024 will take place on May 11, 2024. Around this time, the weather and temperature are expected to be perfect for sports activities, as the climate in Mallorca in May is usually very mild and pleasant.

Where is Ironman Alcúdia 2024?

As the name suggests, this sporting event takes place in Alcúdia, in the northern part of Mallorca, and is one of the largest Ironman 70.3 events in the world. In case you weren’t aware, 70.3 is the total distance in miles, signifying a Half Ironman.

What are the Distances of a Half Ironman?

  • 1.9 km of Swimming
  • 90 km of Cycling
  • 21.1 km of Running
  • 113 km in total

The Ironman Alcúdia 2024 Route: A Look at the Swimming, Cycling, and Running Circuit

Take a look at the route for Ironman Alcúdia 2024 and start preparing for the race now!

Swimming Segment

The swimming portion takes place in Alcúdia Bay, a 1.9-kilometre section that starts and finishes at Muro Beach. You can expect crystal-clear waters and white sand, making the course slightly more pleasant for participants.

ruta natación del ironman Alcudia Mallorca

Cycling Segment

The cycling segment spans 90 kilometres with an elevation gain of 800 meters, tackling spectacular landscapes. Starting from Alcúdia Bay, participants ascend to Coll de Femenia and then to Coll de la Batalla. Following these climbs, they begin their descent.

ruta ciclismo del ironman alcudia Mallorca

Running Segment

The running segment consists of 3 laps around a flat circuit, completing a total of 21.1 kilometres (a half marathon) and finishing on the sand beach. It’s a course near the sea that goes through the area of Port d’Alcúdia.

ruta running del ironman Alcudia Mallorca

Enjoy Alcúdia During the Ironman

In Alcúdia, there’s plenty to see and do at any time of the year. It’s one of the most interesting towns in Mallorca. Some fun activities to enjoy in Alcúdia before and after the Ironman Mallorca: Visiting the old town, relaxing on the beach, indulging in delicious food at its bars and restaurants, cycling through the S’Albufera Natural Park. Engaging in water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, or paddle surfing.

Costa de Alcudia Ironman Mallorca
Noche en Alcúdia Mallorca

Accommodation for Ironman in Alcúdia in Mallorca

Book a stay at one of our favourite accommodations on the island close to the Ironman challenge. Choose from over 200 apartments, houses, villas, and country homes in Alcúdia to relax before and after competing in one of the world’s premier sporting events, set against the spectacular backdrop of Alcúdia and the island of Mallorca.

Extend your stay to fully enjoy everything the Mediterranean has to offer. Find the accommodation that best suits your needs, whether you’re coming alone, with friends or other participants, in a group, with family, or with your dog, we have all types of accommodations available.