Do you know what to see in Alcudia? This town in the north-east of the island of Mallorca is one of the most well-rounded and intriguing in the Balearic islands. It has a wide range of places of interest and enjoyable experiences that make it practically an essential visit for every kind of traveller.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling with family, your partner, friends or alone: discover now what to see in Alcudia, Mallorca so that you don’t miss a thing during your visit!

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Thinking of coming to see Alcudia?

You’re making a mistake if you haven’t yet decided to visit Alcudia and the wall that surrounds it. Of Roman origin, this city has a very rich historical past. No wonder it was once the capital of Mallorca. It combines historical interest with fabulous beaches, tourist services and enticing activities like almost nowhere else in the Balearics.

It is therefore an exceptional destination in which you’re sure to feel incredible, with endless activities all within reach. What’s more, if you stay at one of the accommodation options selected by YourHouse, you’ll be guaranteed a perfect trip. We provide the apartments, villas, estates, houses and chalets you’ve always dreamed of.

Now let’s move on to the big question: what to see in and around Alcudia. Get your travel journal ready and start taking note of the main factors drawing you to this magnificent Balearic town.

What to see in Alcudia: the best places

What to see in Alcudia is a question you stop asking yourself as soon as you step foot in the city. Everything appears truly wonderful and intriguing in this tourist site. However, to make the most of the time available during your stay, it’s a good idea to know exactly what to see near Alcudia. We share all the details below.

Alcudia town wall

No matter what, you must visit and walk along the wall that surrounds the medieval city of Alcudia. Its construction was ordered by King Jaime II in the 14th century, and was later extended.

It has 26 watchtowers in total and is 6 metres high, making it almost impregnable. The main threat that led to its construction were the pirates who landed on the north of Mallorca. A kilometre and a half still remains today: a real must-see.


Roman city of Pollentia

This is another historical draw to the town. It is the island’s most famous and valued Roman-era archaeological site. Founded by consul Quinto Cecilio Meteloel in 123 BC, it is still an exciting site where the theatre, forum and several domus have been preserved.

The forum was the center of public life in the city. It was home to the main administrative buildings, such as the curia, the praetorium, and the temple of Jupiter. The theater, with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, was where theatrical and musical performances were held. Here gladiatorial contests and other public spectacles were held.


Church of Sant Jaume

If you like religious buildings, this temple, originally from the 14th century, had to be rebuilt almost completely in 1807. At that time, they chose a neogothic style and dedicated it to St James. 

Its most famous attractions are the enormous rose window and the image of the island’s patron saint, which appear on the facade, as well as the Capilla del Santo Cristo – the only one that remained standing during the landslide!



Puerta de Xara

You can’t leave Alcudia without taking a picture of the most characteristic landmark in the city. Also known as the Puerta del Moll, it is the eastern entrance to the walled city and is located in Plaza Carlos I. At night, it takes on golden hues that make it extremely photogenic.

The gate was built in the 14th century, during the reign of James II of Mallorca. The semicircular arch gate that characterizes this fortress is flanked by two square towers. Additionally, the gate is made of sandstone and is in very good condition.

In addition to being the city’s most symbolic location, it is important because it houses the famous Alcudia market.


Mercado de Alcudia

Every Tuesday and Sunday are market days for Alcudia, from 8 am to 1.30 pm. This market is one of the largest shopping areas in the Balearic islands and becomes a lively hub during the summer. You can buy almost anything there, especially in the areas for food, textiles and handcrafts.

The Alcudia Market is a lively and colorful place, where you can find a festive atmosphere. It is an ideal place to spend a pleasant morning or afternoon, enjoying local products and Mallorcan culture.


Playas de Alcudia

Incredible beaches and stunning, intriguing coves coexist in this Mallorcan destination. As a result, those who love finding a charming spot for swimming will discover a paradise of very different options here. Alcudia and Puerto Alcudia are both home to intimate places for couples, family beaches and very lively, exciting stretches.

Among the options available, we recommend:

  • Playa Alcudia. This is the most popular among tourists. With palms and pine trees, it is lush and natural.
  • S’Illot. This spot is located 5 kilometres from Alcudia. The beach is stony, but beautiful.
  • Sant Joan. Do you like scuba diving? Don’t miss out on this place.
  • Sant Pere.
  • Aucanada.
  • Es Faralló.

Victoria lookout point

Set 150 metres above sea level, this spectacular lookout point includes a restaurant and a hermitage. It is a popular destination among cyclists and hill walkers, and a recommended spot for admiring the Cap de Formentor and Pollensa bay.

The Victoria Lookout is a place you should not miss if you visit Alcudia. It is a perfect place to enjoy the views and the nature.


Come and discover Alcudia

Now you know what to see in and around Alcudia. This is a complete holiday destination, sure to suit visitors of all kinds. Don’t miss out! Make the most of this opportunity to enjoy a unique city. Turn that ‘what to see in Alcudia’ to ‘what I saw in Alcudia’.